Friday, June 26, 2009

Alcide, Presents and Moira

The little hippo who turned up at our house yesterday lost his shyness when confronted with all the other hippos here and he turns out to be named Alcide. He was sold into slavery (at a secondhand store) by his last owner and was found and brought here by a friend of my owner's OH who knew that this home is a sort of hippo sanctuary.

Today my owner got a nice surprise in the mail: presents!
There was a bag of candy that was for my owner's OH, but I got to taste the candy too, it was yummy!

My owner herself got this Cross stitch kit of a hippo.
I secretly think it's a very beautiful kit, but I'm not telling her because I'm afraid that might mean I'll have to wait for my surfing pig even longer.

And now a sneak peak of things to come:

I got an update from cousin Moira about how she's doing in Canada, so I'll be making a post with her pictures and stories soon.


Eve Noir said...

i can only do a quick post at the second-running late & i gotta get mike (again!). but your hippo is cute. i was looking for one to send to your owner & I found one that looks SO similar to yours. I think it could very well be a distant cousin. His name is ALEX. I will post pics soon!

Take care~EVE, XOX

Eve Noir said...

oooh, and i'm gonna keep him too (I'm sorry!)...because that'll be another cousin overseas...AND cuz his smile makes me smile!!!

oh, and cuz i want to send your owner a hippo that isn't so simiar to ALCIDE.

Eve Noir said...

...and i'm gonna try hard to find a purple one! don't know if i'll be able to but I WILL try my bestest. (or atleast something HIPPO...I HEART hippos too)....ok, now i better run off like the white rabbit!!!

Demented Wench said...

Laying in the flowers again. I'm so jealous.

Sullivan McPig said...

@Eve: we expect pictures ofcourse ;-)
And thanks for looking for a hippo, that's very sweet of you

@Demented Wench: better not watch the next post then if I were you