Thursday, January 15, 2009

New friends

Today two packages arrived for my owner. I decided to stay close as she opened them as you can never know if maybe someone decides to send something interesting for me.

One of the packages only had stuff in it that was interesting for my owner, but the other contained two new housemates: a penguin and a hippo.

Especially Blue, the hippo that lives next to the computer, was very happy with the new hippo. She's the perfect match for him.


Marie said...

Sully and Blue, I am so happy that I sent you some new friends, and Blue, a new "lady" friend *wink*. Had I known about you before I sent the package I would have been on the look out for more friends for you, specifically a "lady" friend for you Sully....I will be on the lookout! Any requirements I should know about? ;)

Sullivan McPig said...

Thank you, Marie, for wanting to look out for a new "lady" friend for me.
Well, first of all she should be a pig!
Second: she shouldn't be much taller then I am.
And it would be an added bonus if she loves travelling and scary movies.