Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My home and other stuff

This is the frontdoor of my home.

The many games of my owner and her OH.

The computer area.
(If you want you can play 'find the hippos', as there are many of them in this picture)

Me sitting warm and safe in my owner's bag

And another picture of me examining moss.


Eve Noir said...

aww, i really like the pic of you examining moss. btw: i like your owner's pins on her bag! ;}

Eve Noir said...

also, i have a cute & chubby black (& a lil' white) piggy...he could very well be your cousin. maybe i'll take a pic of him & post it on my blogger one day. since he's black, i consider him a bit goth...ha ha. =]

Sullivan McPig said...

I'd love to see a pic of your piggy. He might very well be a cousin, McPigs are known to travel the world.

Eve Noir said...

ok, i'm about to post a pic of him. please read my post on him. yay...ttyl.~eve