Friday, January 16, 2009

More shopping and a phone

Today my owner took me shopping for a new mobilephone and for some other stuff.
We went to a bookstore were we bought a book about vampires which might be interesting and we also got a book for free! The free book is a detective story so I think Dougal will be glad with that one.

We went to a store that sells all kinds of stuff like pottery, pillows, funny gifts and as you can see in the picture: photo frames. My owner wanted a photoframe to frame a stitched card she got, but couldn't find the right frame for it.

And we got a new mobilephone offcourse. Here it is!
It has a really good camera on it with a flashlight so now my owner can take pictures of me in all circumstances. Until now when we were on a trip and she didn't have her normal camera with her she couldn't take pictures of me when there was bad lighting, but that problem is solved now.

this is the first picture she took with the new mobilephone camera.
Now I can have my picture taken any time and anywhere!

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