Friday, January 30, 2009

To work or not to work

Those people who haven't checked out my cousin Boo yet: get over to For the Love of Goth , Eve Noir posted even more pictures and a story on him.

For me it was another workday today. I started out just relaxing in my owner's bag, but when that got boring I got out and helped with keeping track of how many emails she'd answered.

Checking myself out in the mirror. They employ sheep at the company where we work, so I keep hoping one day they'll hire another pig (female this time) and when that day comes I want to look my best.

This picture was taken on our way home.
I love it when it gets dark and the lights go on everywhere.


Eve Noir said...

ooo, i really love that last shot your owner took. i love it when it gets dark too & all the lights go on. glad you liked the story (and sad boy, he's so sweet, right?!). of course i will keep you updated on Boo from time to time. can't lose touch w/family! btw: it was nice of you to help out today Sullivan. Boo has yet to come to work w/me...though i think it might be one of his future travels. we'll see how it goes. ;}

have a lovely weekend~eve (boo's owner)

Eve Noir said...

btw: dear owner of Sullivan...1st, you've never mentioned your name, right? anyways, are you familiar with Tokyo Pig starring Sunny Pig? it was a japanese cartoon on several years ago. idk if they ever put it ALL on DVD, but i have one best of episodes DVD from a while back. he's so cute. he's definitely one of my all-time fave piggies! :}

Sullivan McPig said...

I haven't mentioned my owner's name sofar, but she said it was ok to tell you it's Carien.
We haven't heard of Tokyo Pig before, but will definately check it out. We did see Porco Rosso (Kurenai no buta), which I loved.
And thanks for your nice remarks :)

Eve Noir said...

Good, nice to meet you Carien (i don't really know how to pronounce it though...could you ask her that for me?)! It seems like it'd sound very pretty. ;}

Tokyo Pig is so cute, you could prob atleast find some lil' clips on YouTube I'm guessing.
Also, could you ask Carien to take a look at my Looking-Glass blogger cuz I'm having a hard time deciding on something & need as much advice as possible?

Thanks Sullivan & take care.~

Sullivan McPig said...

We had a look and as we both agreed, I left a comment. Very pretty pics.
As for pronouncing Carien.... Hmmm....
The first part Ca, you would pronounce with the a in it like the a in Ma of Maria
The second part is hard to explain. I think ien sounds most like the een in teen, but the dutch sound for r is different/harder then the english one so you have to pronounce the r clearly.
So it would come down to Ca-Reen I think.

Eve Noir said...

K, thanks. It's very pretty sounding the way you explained it. :)

Oh & thanks for now following the Looking-Glass...glad you'll be visiting me there too. My OH (aka: boyfriend) took a look at the pics i posted (of Alice) and he knew which one was my fave, Clockwork. So I think my mind is already made up...& it didn't take long at all. Thanks for your input.

Now, I have to decide on which Gothic print to get (cuz since they are priced well i'm getting one Alice & one goth). But again, I'm leaning towards the one i have on the header of my goth page. Do you happen to like that one Carien & Sullivan?