Saturday, January 10, 2009

A more or less typical workday

Today I will let you have a a bit of a look at a workday.
This is me in my travellingbag. I always travel in it to make sure I don't get caught in something in my owners bag.

At work at the computer.

Trying to make a phonecall, but it's difficult when you're small. you can either talk and not hear the person you're talking to or listen and not being able to reply.

Reading the newspaper during a break.

Lunch! As these pictures were taken on a saturday, lunch wasn't great as the cateringservice at my owners workplace is closed on saturdays. So we have to make do with what's available in the vendingmachines.

Getting some tea during a short break.

And here again they didn't really spend a thought at making things easy for small employees.

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Laura Jayne said...

Perhaps a wee note in the suggestion box expressing your needs for better cup choices.

You might like to take a peek at my Martha & William blog. They too suffer the issues of the small.