Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet the family

As my owner still hasn't taken me anyplace interesting or new since my last post and I still feel like writing, I'd like you to meet my family.
I know you've seen my brothers in pictures I've posted, but I think an official introduction to my complete family is in order.
My twinbrother Gilbert and me.
As you see we both love voodoo-dolls, a love that is shared by more members of my family as you will see.
Some people say we look so much alike that they can't tell us apart, but luckily the people closest to us can see our many differences.
Gilbert is not as adventurous as I am, he likes to stay at home and he mostly hangs out with our brother Dougal.

My other brothers: Nick (Nicholas), Angus and Dougal.
Angus loves scary movies just as much as I do. Dougal rather watches a good mystery, but often can be persuaded to join us when we have a scary movie night. Nick is the shy one of our family and he likes to watch feel good movies with a happy end.

And these are our cousins Gavin and Agnes, they're also twins.
Gavin likes to think up stories which he tells to us before bedtime and Agnes usually hangs around with a couple of polarbears that also live here.

Me and all my brothers
From left to right: Nick, Gilbert, Angus, me and Dougal.

And lastly:
Another party picture!
I hope to be back soon with more stories and pictures


Marie said...

Hello Sullivan, or can I call you Sully? Anyways, very nice to meet you, and I love your chair! It and you are quite adorable! I look forward to the next installment of your life in pictures.

Sullivan McPig said...

Friens of my owner can call me Sully any time.
I'll do my best to keep you informed about my life and travels.

vvb32 reads said...

Nice to meet the whole family!