Friday, January 9, 2009

A little bit more about me

I thought it be a good idea to show you some pictures of me, some of my past travels and of my family and friends.
Here (above and below) I am on one of the travels I made last year: The beautiful open country of Groningen. I love to go there on a hike.

And here I am exploring the Christmastree at the office where my owner works.

And this is me with two of my brothers dressing up for Three Kings' Day.

This is where I usually hang out when I'm at home: on a sidetable in the livingroom together with my brother Angus, Cthulhu and his minions, a little pink hippo and our voodoo-dolls offcourse.

Once in awhile we're having a party with some of the other animals that live here. I'm sitting in front of the grey hippo. The McPig on the left is Angus again, between the polkadot hippo and the orange hippo you can see my twinbrother Gilbert and the small McPig is my brother Nick.
You'll probably see more of my brothers and other relatives in the future as they all love to be included in this blog.

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