Thursday, January 29, 2009

Clearing up something that's unclear at the moment and some other things

It has come to my attention that not everyone is familiar with the term OH.
OH is short for 'Other Half', so when I'm talking about my owner's OH, I'm talking about her partner.
Next some cool news:
One of my followers, Eve Noir, is the owner of one of my distant cousins!
She posted a picture on her blog (that I'm following)
So get over there to say hi to another McPig.
Now some pictures about my day:
I found the suggestionbox at my work today, so I might give them some suggestions about improving the workingcircumstances for their small employees.
My owner got me some candy in one of our breaks

Another picture at home: The mug collection of my owner's OH.

One of the cross stitchings of my owner.
I'm glad she hasn't tried to see if pants like that look good on me or my brothers as I wouldn't want to be seen wearing them.


Eve Noir said...

Hey cousin! I named him now. I went with Boo. I also wrote a lil' something to you on that post...btw. aww, looks like yummy candy. you know i kinda thought OH meant BF (people say Best Friend, I usually mean Boy Friend)...or is it your owner's hubby? either way, i know what it means now, thanks! have a lovely day Sullivan & thanks for the name drop! always love that...;}

Sullivan McPig said...

I went over and had a look: Great pictures and story!
And nope: he's not my owner's hubby (yet, they've talked about getting married for ages, so it might happen one day).