Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Package Fun!

Today at work we had a festive meeting where we got our Christmas Package.
(It's kind of a tradition here that employees get a package filled with yummie foodstuff and such for Christmas.)

My owner said we would open our package at home, but we also got a smaller present and I got to open that one at work.

It contained a small Christmas lantern!

Ours had a Christmas tree on it, but some of our co-workers got a lantern with a reindeer.

When we got home we lighted the lantern.

And opened the package!
It contained all kinds of yummie things, like popcorn, cookies, mini muffins and marshmallows.

The packaging material was paper and it looked nice and soft.

So when the box was empty I crawled inside to relax with a (double chocolate!) mini muffin.


One more week till Christmas, but now we have yummie food to pass the time till then.

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Hammie en Gea said...

Hello Sullivan!

We had our Kerstpakket to this week. All the things inside had a letter on them and when you put them together the packages say thanks! There were a lot of nice things to eat! Those lanterns are beautiful! Have a nice weekend!