Saturday, December 18, 2010


We had some shopping to do today so went into town. There was a Christmassy mood everywhere and lots of fun things to see, like this scary Merry-Go-Round bear!

We passed a shop that had all kinds of glittery Christmas ornaments.

I'm in love!!

I think Coco would love this bird!

At another shop I spotted this wild boar.

Hmmmmm, snow!
I had a fun afternoon.


Marlowe said...

That merry-go-round bear is kind of scary. When Mom went to House on the Rock, there was a boar with tusks that was scary in the same way.

Katie Dalton said...

Looks like a fun day! But wait...where were all the sheep? baaaa
lol :)

Found art blog said...

I love those piggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glory said...

So much time!!

your house is beautiful(former post)..
you r lucky, so much snow! To my home there's so a little..*sob*

I love the photo with the red parrot :)

Hammie en Gea said...

Those ornaments are very nice! Did your owner get you one of the flying piggies? They remind me of the card with the flying piggie from Brittany! We are going to Groningen next friday, if we pass by this shop I'll have a good look!

Sullivan McPig said...

No, I didn't get any of the piggies :-(
My owner said
I already had one beautiful piggy christmas ornament