Tuesday, March 31, 2009

View on the Martinitoren, thermos and threads

This picture was taken at the bike parkinglot at our grocerystore.
Behind me you can see how old buildings (right) and new ones are build close together. In the distance, between the building you can see the Martinitoren (Martini tower) again.

Me playing with the new thermos that my owner's OH just bought.

As my owner was stitcihng all afternoon I tried to help out by picking out colours for her.


Eve Noir said...

That's cool that you can see the tower between the buildings. Aww, that picture is so cute of you on the thermos!

alex.snelleman said...

What a nice picture of the city with the
Martini Tower in the background! Spring is
coming now and in summer you all can take
advantage of the thermos... Did you find
the right colours?
PS Sorry. I still must introduc e mysef.
My name is Urok Burok. I am a dwarf living
in Drenthe. Later I will tell you more abouw
me... My creator will send you a picture
of me,leaning on a ward...

Sullivan McPig said...

Hi Urok Burok,
Nice to meet you.
We did find the right colours luckily.