Saturday, March 14, 2009

Koethulhu, Orange Guy and other stuff

Didn't post yesterday, because by the time I got something cool to tell it was already very late so no time for blogging as we had to get up early today as my owner and I had to work today.

Anyway: Yesterday my owner got Munchkin Koethulhu!
As I told you last week I really wanted this game and I tried it out immediately and played it with my owner, her OH, Angus and Mr and Mrs Hedgehog. Angus and I played as a team and so did Mr and Mrs Hedgehog.

We started out really good but in the end Mr and Mrs Hedgehog beat us......
I will get a rematch soon!

Remember the scary orange guy telling me he's in all my stuff?
Today on our way to work we saw there's a new advertisement about him.
It turns out that it's a campaign to get people to recycle plastic garbage/waste.
This advertisement says: 'Give plastic garbage/waste a new life'

And now for some random pics we took at work when we were bored:


Eve Noir said...

Aw, the hedgehogs are cute, darn them for beating you though! That orange guy scares me...but I find the signs amusing! I like the last pic a lot-one of my lucky #'s is 13 & I love Day of the Dead. ^_^

btw: i'm going to be posting something i saw at target that you'll like Sullivan! keep an eye out for that.

Sullivan McPig said...

Those hedgehogs better watch it as I'm going to clobber them the next itme we play Koethulhu.