Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Event

At first I wanted to do another food post today, but I was afraid to get clobbered on the head by a certain lady, so instead I decided on a post about the Art Event I went to this evening.

At the Art Event there were a lot of artists: painters, sculptors and such, who presented some of thier work.

A very good friend of my owner and her OH also had work on show so we went to visit her at the Art Event and we took some pictures of me and her work, which is really cool:

She even had a small diorama with a tree thingie that was just my size.

And some more pictures of the diorama:

The other really cool stand at the Art Event was a stand with bronze sculptures made by a sculptress named Yvonne Visser:

There was a lot of bright light, so I look a bit too bright, but don't you think the hippo statue looks cool!?

Whe we got home it was time for a drink:


Jennylee said...

pretty cool !

Eve Noir said...

Ooo, all the art looks really nice but I have to say the 1st pic of the Castle looks really great! Sounds like you guys had lots of fun too. Sullivan, drinking again!?? ^_^

Sullivan McPig said...

I already can't eat anymore and now I can't drink anymore either?