Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Herestraat and renovation

Today we went shopping again , so I thought it was time to show you the largest shopping street in Groningen: the 'Herestraat'.
It was a weekday so not too busy. On saturdays the street is so full of people you can't even see the yellow pavement.

Next month they're going to start on a renovation project in our neighbourhood. Behind me you can see the containers they placed in our street and that they're going to use during the renovation. I'm not happy about the renovation as it means we'll have to move to another house temporarily while they renovate our house. Luckily that won't happen until next year.


Eve Noir said...

I'll hope for you guys that you won't have to move into another home temporarily until next year.

Are there any particular kinds of shops you like on that street?

Sullivan McPig said...

Actually the shops I like the most aren't on this street, but this street does have a couple of cool dvd-shops and a bookstore that also sells secondhand books. My favourite shop is the local games store as you might have guessed.
And as for the renovation: They told us we have to move out for about 10 weeks at the start of next year.