Sunday, March 1, 2009

Scary Orange Guy and Magic

We went to a birthday party last night and as it was in Assen we went by train.
I just have to show your the advertisement we saw from the trainwindow as it's an advertisement I keep running into and I think it's a bit scary.
As you can see it's a weird orange guy and he keeps telling he's in all kinds of everyday items you use. In this advertisement he's telling he's in my bumper (I'm in your bumper), but I've also seen advertisements telling me he's in my toys, my umbrella, etc...
He's got 'Plastic Hero' written on his chest, but I do not trust him at all.

At the party we played the cardgame Magic. My owner and I hadn't played Magic for a long time so we lost 4 times and only won 1 time.

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Eve Noir said...

My goodness, that orange guy does seem very creepy. Creepy things can be funny though, right? Magic, hm? I always wondered how people could play that, I'm lost when it comes to that kinda stuff! Take care.~