Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scary Cow, Sheep and a Birthday

Yesterday we went for a walk again and we passed a meadow with cows in it.

As I was posing for a picture one of them came closer.

Too close for comfort I think!
I ran for cover while my owner's OH kept taking pictures.

Luckily the sheep we saw after that weren't trying to get so close as that curious cow did.

Yesterday evening we went to a birthday party. There were these yummy 'roomsoesjes'.
(A roomsoesje is a very small pastry filled with whipped cream.)


Eve Noir said...

Oh no, that cow wanted all the attention. Glad no one got hurt! I love the soft looking black sheep, I just wanna reach out & pet one. I'm learning so many new Dutch words from you...but most are for food (right?), so if I came to visit you, people would think I'm obsessed with food & pastries! ^_^

Yum....I think a roomsoesje sounds yummy!

Demented Wench said...

The roomsoesjes look good. :)

Urok Burok said...

A cow may catch a pig, named Sullivan....
Quite an adventure on the Groninger 'higlands'. The pictures are very
beautiful. Mmm, I like the cream-puffs (roomsoesjes in Dutch)too, but we must
watch our weights, must not we?....

Eve Noir said...

Wasn't sure which one you'd read first (Bersaba's or here)...I got you a special something on my Black & Blue blog. Hope it makes you smile! ^_^