Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another fun Bbq

My owner and her OH decided to have another waterside bbq yesterday evening and me, Voodoo Bride and Coco came along.

I helped out with preparing the mushrooms and onions.

Some of the tasty things we brought to eat.

Me and Coco playing around on and in the picknick basket.

When the sun was almost gone we made a fire to keep warm.

The sky looked beautiful and we lay on our picknick blanket for a long time admiring it.


Urok Burok said...

What a nice bbq. Even romantic and a beautiful fire too. With other words: a good
start of the Whitsuntide. Perhaps you could
find a cuckoo-flower, perhaps...

Eve Noir said...

Fun stuff again.

Oooo, the shrimp looks yummy!