Saturday, May 23, 2009


It was a work saturday again and I noticed this on one of the noticeboards. Someone obviously has a different view on working on a saturday. Luckily there was some real fun in store for me:

After work my owner's OH came to pick us up for a Barbeque on the waterside! He brought our picknick basket, a small barbeque and lots of yummy food!

Preparing the barbeque.

Relaxing on the picknick blanket with a nice glass of home made wine.

We also made a small fire to roast potatoes.

A view of the lovely countryside where we had our Bbq.

Reclining pig after lots of good food (and wine)!

The view when looking up from my comfy blanket.


Urok Burok said...

Well, well, it was a nice saturday for you all. A pic knick at the waterfront, a kind of a barbecue with fried potatoes. Yummy,
yummy and of course nice weather, like I fore
casted... And it will become a warm and sunny
sunday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend together...

Eve Noir said...

How nice of your owner's OH. The picknick looked like it was full of lots of fun & good food.

It's nice weather here too...but we don't have nice country areas anywhere close by. :( Atleast none that I can think of...

Tomorrow (if the weather is still nice) my mom will be bar-b-quing in her backyard so that'll be nice...since they have a nicer yard than us. They have TREES! We don't even have ONE in our front or back yard...very sad, right!??

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
Take care~

Sullivan McPig said...

We only have a balcony as we live on the first floor, so that's why we go out to the countryside for a bbq