Thursday, May 14, 2009

News from Canada: Lots of Animals

I got another email from Moira to tell us all how she's doing.
I posted her story and pictures below:

Hi Sullivan and everyone! I'm having lots of fun here in Canada with Marie and Princess.
We went to a Petting Zoo with Princess' playschool class and they had lots of animals there, even some very exotic ones. Can you tell what kind of animal this is?

They also had lions! Don't you think they look cool?

I read that you had an encounter with some geese. well, I saw some geese too and I've been told they can be viscious, so you got a lucky escape.

The ducks were very friendly and curious, but still I was glad there was a fence between me and the ducks. You never know.

Turtles, or are they turtoises? I have to ask Marie as I keep confusing them. I think turtles are the landbased ones. It's easier in dutch as they're all called 'Schildpad' (meaning: shield or shell toad) no matter if they're on land or water.

And saving the best picture for last:
I had a nice relaxing nap together with a distant cousin.

Take care!


Marie said...

Hey Sullivan! I can guess what the first creature is, its a Porcupine! Very cute, but not very good for hugging! And they are tortoises - tortoises are land based, turtles are water based as Marie just informed me. I am getting used to Canada and all of its different words, and I am enjoying the sights!

More from Moira!

Take care!

Eve Noir said...

What a great story. Aww, the porcupine is very is the last pic of the piggy-but of course!

I can't wait til you get your Domo I'll be sending soon...I know you'll have some fun adventures with him!
Take care~Eve & Boo McPig