Tuesday, May 12, 2009

BFF Award and What I did today.

Eve gave me and my owner the BFF Award, aka: Blogging Friends Forever Award!
We're very proud and honoured that we got this award.
Thank you Eve!

These are Eve's rules:

Please give this award to 3-7 people who you'd like to be Blogging Friends Forever with. This could be a fellow blogging friend you just met to an older blogging friend, however you'd like to do it-you can tweak that part to your desire, I won't mind. And of course, tell a lil' (or more) why you gave each blogging friend (forever) the award. And have him/her pass it on as well. Sound good? *Oh & please link the person's blog (if they have one) that you give the award to...and also link me, so other people can see what I wrote about you too!

My owner and I thought for awhile and decided to give the award to:

My owner met Marie online years ago on a forum and they have kept contact since. Marie is one of the kindest and sweetest people we've come across online. She also has my cousin Moira staying at her place and helps Moira to keep us updated on how Moira is doing.

Eve has been a loyal follower of my blog since, well, somewhere in the beginning. She is a fun and sweet person who has lots of the same interests as my owner and I and she also has a cousin of mine living at her place: Boo.

To both of you:
We value your friendship and hope we'll keep in touch for many more years to come!
And if we're ever going to be enormously rich, we're buying a planeticket to come visit you, but don't expect us anytime soon sadly enough.

Now on to my day:

We went shopping for some stuff and on our way home we stopped to take this picture.

As we were taking the picture suddenly we heard a lot of noise behind us. It turned out to be these geese, who seemed to think we stopped to give them something to eat.

They were very annoyed when they discovered we didn't have anything for them.

One of the things my owner bought today. It says: 'Notebook for sunny thoughts'


Eve Noir said...

Yay for posting the well-deserved award!

Thank you both for the sweet words. Yes, you will always have a place to visit if you come over to the US (and if I hit the lotto, I'll be visiting you too!).

Ahhhh, geese! Geese scare Boo & I very much!

Aww, what a cute piggy on the notebook. :)

Marie said...

Thank you for the award! Very sweet of you!
And yep, you come to Canada, you are very welcome to visit us! We would love to have all of you!

I don't like geese alot, they bite!