Saturday, May 9, 2009

Computergame and New Wave

I'm late in my update for today, I know, but here it is:

Last week the cd-rom for one of my favourite computergames, Fallout 2, got damaged and I couldn't play it anymore. Luckily my owner found a cd-rom online which besides Fallout 2 even had the original Fallout and something called Fallout tactics on it. She ordered it for me and Angus and it arrived today. We spend most of the afternoon playing Fallout 2.

This evening I went to a New Wave party with my owner. Here I am at the bar to order us some drinks.

They had really cool lights and cobwebs. and a DJ who took requests. I asked for a song with pigs in it, but she didn't have one, so I asked to play something with animals in it and she played "Eisbär" (Polarbear) from Grauzone for me.


Eve Noir said...

A new wave party sounds like a lot of fun. Once again & again-you guys have much cooler stuff to go & do to than us WAYYYYY over in Detroit. I am going to a concert tonight though. First time in a while.

Things to go to in Detroit are pricey these days (this concert is not bad though).

The pics your owner took are really the last one lots!

Urok Burok said...

Wow.. nice picture of the blue lights... on
that party. Nowadays they make waves in the
footballstadiums.. But that's nog ne wave party..