Friday, July 19, 2013

A trip to Rome - Moses and the Vatican

After we left the cemetery we went for a walk across town because we wanted to visit the Vatican.

And what did we stumble upon on our walk:

Remember that fountain we saw from across the street I told you we hadn't seen the last of? It turned out to be the Moses fountain.

Legend has it that this statue started frowning right after it was revealed because he didn't like how he looked, but I think he looks rather cool actually.

And more lion statues spitting water.
They really like lions here in Rome.

These lions are replicas.
The actual statues that were here are Egyptian and are now in one of the Vatican Musea.

Replica or not I really like them.

After more walking we found ourselves at the Tiber again and across from Castel Sant'Angelo.

This building was used by the pope to retreat to and stay save when the Vatican was attacked. There's a private corridor that the pope could use to get there.

On our way to the Vatican we spotted a statue of Saint Katherine.

And there in the distance: the Vatican.

And here I am on the square in front of the St. Peter Basilica!

We thought about paying a visit to the St. Peter and the Vatican, but there was a really long line of people who wanted to go inside and because the Vatican is its own country you also had to pass a security checkpoint before you were allowed in. It looked like that might take hours, so we just admired the Vatican from afar.

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Lovely pictures again Sullivan!