Monday, July 22, 2013

A trip to Rome - Beautiful sights, weird food and more

After our visit to park Borghese we walked around the city, did some shopping and took pictures of course.

We saw the Spanish Stairs with the Trinita del Monti church at the top.

I spotted an old building with a really pretty mural.

Isn't it beautiful?

After a while we wanted to relax for a bit so we went to Il Gianicolo, a part of Rome that's on a hill and that gives you a great view over the city.

We spend some time admiring the view and also had something to eat and drink.

It looked like there was rain on the way though.
All those dark clouds...

But as we had planned a visit to a church we were not worried. We'd make it inside before the rain started.

Not so much.

This is the church we wanted to visit.
Santa Maria dell'Orazione e Morte. A church dedicated to prayer and death. It already started to rain a bit when we got there, but we made it just before it really got nasty...

Only to find the church was closed!
According to the sign on the door it should have been open though. But then it really started to rain. We luckily could take shelter under a sort of bridge together with some other tourists. The downpour was terrible and we all had to crowd together to stay dry. Finally after about an hour it stopped raining and... the church opened its doors.

We had a quick look, but we were grumpy about the church being closed when we needed it, so we didn't stay long and didn't take pictures.

We then walked back to our hotel and after some rest we went out for dinner.

They did have some weird food at the restaurant:
greed pepper?

After dinner we took some pictures of the Santa Maria Maggiore and the square next to it.

We had a fun filled day.


Jerry and Ben said...

Wonderful photos and videos Sullivan. Those sure are a lot of steps to climb! Hopefully you got a little assistance with them. hehe

Sullivan McPig said...

I have a personal assistant in my owner ;-)

Aurian said...

Perhaps the person who should have opened up the church overslept ... lovely pics again Sullivan.

Sullivan McPig said...

Until 5:00 in the afternoon? I think it's more likely they didn't want people to just enter the church to take shelter from the rain, especially as they opened right after the rain had stopped. *grumble*