Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A Trip to Rome - More sightseeing

After seeing the Capitol we walked down the hill it is build upon.

We spotted a lizard who was enjoying the sun.
I think it might have been a very distant relative of Sparky.

I also spotted these beautiful purple flowers.

And couldn't resist lounging for a while.

Way up there where those trees are is the Tarpeian Rock.
The Romans used to throw people of that rock to execute them.

Some ruins.

I saw this building that looked a bit like the Colosseum. The old ruin was fixed up and they build it into an apartment complex. How cool.

The river Tiber.
This is the river where according to legend Romulus and Remus were thrown into as babies.

We went to eat pizza at a restaurant not far from the Tiber, but I didn't take any pictures as my owner chose pizza toppings I did not approve of. They did have yummy Tiramisu though. I should have thought of taking a picture of the Tiramisu...

Next we did more sightseeing and saw this fountain.
They sure have lots and lots of fountains in Rome.

That building over there is the Santa Maria in Cosmedin.
It has a large stone with a face on it that is called the Bocca della Verita (Mouth of Truth). it is said that when you stick your hand in the mouth and tell a lie your hand will get stuck. But you had to pay money to get close to the Mouth of Truth and I can't say I was looking forward to try out if that myth was true, so we didn't go see it.

After some more walking and a visit to the same park we had been in the day before we visited a grocery store and got some yummy snacks and drinks.

Then we went back to our hotel for some rest and we played my favorite game: piggy dice.

Next up: a tomb and statues


Aurian said...

Are you wearing a hat in the last picture Sullivan? Lovely pictures again.

Hammie Hamster said...

Oooh, I feel like I have been to Rome too! You are a great tour guide!

Sullivan McPig said...

Yes! That's a hat and not a bottle cap because I had a bit too much to drink at all. *whistles innocently*