Friday, July 12, 2013

A trip to Rome - Elephant and fountain picture spam

After our pizza break we did more sightseeing.
We found a very cool obelisk.

An elephant!

Remember the guy named Bernini? He designed the elephant, although someone named Ferrata made it (using Bernini's design).

Isn't it awesome!

Originally this statue was meant for the same people who had the bee fountain made, but the obelisk was from a monastery and the monks from that monastery wanted the statue to be placed on the square in front of the monastery.

The elephant is meant to be a symbol of intelligence and piety according to those monks.

I just think it's a really beautiful and cool statue.

Next we visited another fountain:
The Trevi fountain.

And what a monstrously big fountain it is!
There's a whole building that's part of the fountain.

They say that if you face away from the fountain and then throw a coin over your shoulder into the fountain you get to visit Rome again somewhere in the future. I don't know if that's true, but throwing a small coin can't hurt (unless you hit someone with it by accident instead of throwing it in the fountain) so we dug up some coins and threw them in the fountain.

Coming tomorrow: some random things we saw and a visit to a park.


Aurian said...

I do agree, that elephant is beautiful, and it looks so new and clean in the pictures! Are there on pigeons in Rome?
I hope the cointoss works for you :)

Sullivan McPig said...

There are pigeons in Rome, we saw them using the fountains to drink and bathe. And I'm suspecting the monks clean the statue, because although Rome is beautiful, it's also a dirty, grimey city.