Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A trip to Rome - I discover the Colosseum

After a short rest we went out for dinner and then we went for a walk to explore the neighborhood we were staying in.

Our hotel was close to a large church:
The Santa Maria Maggiore
Legend has it that this church was build after a pope had a dream that Maria told him to build a church on a snowy place in summer. He then found snow on the site where this church now stands.

This pillar stands in front of the church and has a statue of Maria on top of it.

There was also a bus that had cool drinks for sale. Even though it was already evening it was much hotter in Rome than in Groningen so we got ourselves a nice cold coke.

We then explored the neigborhood a bit further and saw some cool buildings like this one.

And a gate all covered in ivy.
How cool!

We walked even further and then...

I found the Colosseum!

The Colosseum is one of Rome's most famous buildings. It was build over 1900 years ago and had a big arena that was used for gladiator fights and such. They also fed people to lions while the audience watched savely from their seats. Those ancient Romans sound a bit bloodthirsty I think.

It's a really cool building though.

After we saw the Colosseum we walked back to our hotel, enjoying the weather and the beautiful sights.

At the hotel it was time for some sleep so we could do more exploring the next day.


Jerry and Ben said...

Wow, the Colosseum! We just watched the movie Spartacus the other day! Thanks for the great photos!

Aurian said...

Wow, I so want to see all that for my self some day. So much history.

Sullivan McPig said...

It's a really cool city to explore.

Hammie Hamster said...

Nice pictures! Great to "walk around town" with you!