Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A trip to Rome - I see lots of fountains

The next day we woke early and after breakfast we went on our way because we wanted to visit a museum that opened at 9:00 am.

On our way to the museum we saw lots of cool things, like this big fountain.

The sun was already shining brightly and it promised to be a wonderful day.

We also saw a parking area just for scooters.
There's lots of traffic in rome so many people ride scooters to get to work. Behind the scooter parking area there was a church.

Across the street we saw another fountain, but becuase we wanted to make it to the museum we didn't cross the street to take a closer look. But I can tell you this isn't the last you've seen of this particular fountain yet.

Yet another church. There are lots of churches in Rome I can tell you.

A fountain with bees on it!

This fountain is called 'Fontana delle Api', which means fountain of the bees. It's made by someone named Bernini for a family who has the bee as their symbol. The fountain was made so everyone can use the water, not just the family who had it made.

What a cool fountain.

Close to the bee fountain was the museum we wanted to visit: The crypt of the Santa Maria della Concezione. We weren't allowed to take pictures, so that's why I included a picture of me and a card I bought at the museum.

In the crypt there are displays made out of human skeletons and bones. These displays were made by Capuchin monks and are meant to be a reminder of the swift passage of life. It's both a macabre and beautiful sight.

After visiting the crypt we did lots more sightseeing.
Here's another pillar. This one is made out of an Egyptian obelisk.

A lion ornament on an old wall.

We found a great spot to overlook the city.

I'm really enjoying my visit to Rome I must say.

Yet another fountain!
This one had a lion spitting out water. How cool!

All the walking and the sunny weather had made us thirsty again so after seeing the lion fountain we sat down for a drink. Then it was time for even more exploring, so stay tuned for my next post.


Jerry and Ben said...

Great photos Sullivan. We especially like the one of you on the lion ornament!

Aurian said...

Thanks for another nice post, I love those kind of travelling posts. I think Bernini was a very famous sculptor?

Sullivan McPig said...

@Aurian: My owner says you're right. Bernini made lots of sculptures for the church.

Hammie Hamster said...

Soooo nice to travel there with you like this :-)! Thanks for sharing!