Thursday, July 18, 2013

A trip to Rome - I explore the cemetery

There were many beautiful statues at the cemetery. i had a great time exploring.

Lots of the tombstones had pictures or statues that depicted the people burried there.

I spotted a statue that seemed to be holding something in her hands.


I soon discovered there were more statues with flowers and other things in their hands.

This one had a necklace in the shape of a heart.

It was a beautiful cemetery and a big change from the busy city.

We spend a morning there exploring, reading and enjoying the sunny weather.


Hammie Hamster said...

Graveyards are always such quiet and calm places, with lots of history to see. Nice pictures again!

Eve Noir said...

Looks like you had a nice peaceful time in their beautiful cemetery. Very pretty pics.

Aurian said...

I do enjoy your pictures, but I will never just enter a graveyard when I don't have to witness a funeral. To me, it is just creepy. Though when I am visiting an old church, I do like to look at the placards and such.