Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oriental Warehouse and Surprise Egg

Yesterday we went to the Amazing Oriental Warehouse again. I just had to take a picture of this seaweed packaging as I really liked it.

They had Mountain Dew and I convinced my owner to get me a can as I've heard a lot about it but never drank it sofar. We also got a can of jasmin flavoured ice tea for free.
I must say I loved the Mountain Dew as it was cherry flavoured. I didn't much care for the ice tea I must confess.

At another store my owner got me a Sinterklaas Surprise Egg!
Sinterklaas is a dutch festival at the start of december where you give presents to each other, much like Christmas. The bearded fellow on the right is Sinterklaas (also know as Sint Nicolaas) and the fellow on his left is his sidekick Zwarte Piet (Black Pete).

(Now before anyone is going to shout things about me or dutch people being discriminating to certain people (And yes: I read cakewrecks, so I know how some people think): Sinterklaas and his sidekick Zwarte Piet do not have anything to do with excisting ethnic groups. It might be so that somewhere in a distant past someone did mean to connect Zwarte Piet to a group like that, but I can tell you that until I read the hubbub on Cakewrecks about certain Sinterklaas cakes I never made that connection myself and neither does any kid here in the Netherlands. Zwarte Piet is Sinterklaas' helper and a kind of magical creature just like Santa's elves. Ok! Glad I got that solved, so I can go on to the goodies that were inside my surprise egg.)

It got stickers, candy and a small toy inside!

The small toy is supposed to be the big bag of presents Sinterklaas brings when he comes over to the Netherlands. I hope we will be visited for real by Sinterklaas this year and that we'll get a bag with presents that's a bit bigger then this toy one.


Found art blog said...

Oh what a brilliant present!! I love those surprise eggs!!

The Queen of Clearance. said...

awesome egg! It has so much meaning and little treats all wrapping into one little egg!

Hammie en Gea said...

Good for you that you tell that Zwarte Piet has nothing to do with racism! So many people think that... Zwarte Piet is black because he climbs through the chimney! Then he can enter the house and open the door for Sinterklaas! We love the Sinterklaastradition! We love surpise eggs but never saw a Sinterklaas version of them!

Cindy said...

love the egg! i really love finding out more about your holidays and traditions and stuff! :)

and, don't mind my american narrow-mindedness for a minute...you have never had mountain dew!? sister, i would have hooked you up long ago if i knew that was the case! lol. it's something that i totally take for granted...

i like the red mountain dew, but the traditional green is my fav ;)

Irish Chick Soup said...

aw. How cute. You should try Mountain Dew Voltage. It's raspberry flavored.

Sullivan McPig said...

Next time we're going to try the green and the Voltage Mountain Dew!
I must confess I've been under the impression a long time that mountain Dew was beer o_0