Saturday, October 17, 2009


Today we went to the Hunebedmuseum (A Hunebed is a kind of dolmen). The museum is about the people who build the Hunebedden/dolmen, how they lived and what was found in the Hunebedden.

We first took a bus from Groningen to Borger where the museum is.

There was lots of traffic on the road, luckily these cars were going in the other direction so our bus could drive on without too much hold up.

Borger, Hunebed Capitol.
We must be close to the museum!

This was the first thing we saw when we reached the museum. It's a 'Spieker' and it was used in the past to store food.

Inside the museum we first watched a movie which I thought was very confusing. It was about lots of melting ice and snow and a family who were very happy when they found a big rock, but when they moved it there was a big thunderstorm.
After the movie we went into the exihibition room where there were these dolls among other things. This is what they think the people who build the Hunebedden looked like.

There also was a bear, but he wasn't agressive. I even had a little chat with him.

I also met a distant cousin.

There were lots of really beautiful stones that were cut in half and polished so you could see what they looked like inside.

This one was my favourite.

"Little did they know that their picknick would be ruined by a giant pig...."
Ok, just being silly, but I felt really big next to this maquette.

One of the many beautiful pots that were found inside a Hunebed.

In the souvenirshop I spotted these ladybugs. Aren't they cool, Hammie and G?

Outside again. It was a sunny day with lots of beautiful clouds.

A small farmhouse, like the ones the Hunebed builders probably lived in. Ofcourse we went inside to have a look.

And here it finally is: a Hunebed!
It used to be covered with even more stones and earth, but time (and archeologists) has uncovered the Hunebedden, leaving only the biggest stones.

This Hunebed is the biggest one found in the Netherlands and it even has the entrance stones still standing. (The word Hunebed most probably means 'bed of the dead', btw)

Near the Hunebed was this sign.
It says: 'Walking or climbing on the Hunebedden can be dangerous', but someone had scratched through the word 'dangerous' and replaced it with the word 'fun'.

Here our visit to the Hunebedmuseum ended and we walked back to the busstop to take a bus back to Groningen. This wasn't the end of our day out yet, but I'll tell you about what else we did tomorrow.


Hammie en Gea said...

G. says that she loves the hunebedmuseum she went there several times (last time Harr and G. and her parents went to a lecture about Ötzi the iceman)! I never visited this museum, but next time G. and Harr go, I'll go with them!!! Perhaps we'll go soon, because G. saw the ladybugs too, and that might help to make the visit soon;-)! We live close to Borger so we can go there any time we want, did it take you long to go there by bus?

Sullivan McPig said...

It took about 45 minutes with the Q-liner. We walked from the busstation to the museum and I think that was another 15 minutes.

Found art blog said...

Oh how exciting!! I can imagine climbing on rocks could be fun as well!!! Andrea says it reminds her of the Open Air Museum near Arnhem.... I think she should take me there one day.

Sullivan McPig said...

My owner and her OH went to the open air museum in Arnhem too, but I've never been there. I might bug them to take me there sometime too.

The Queen of Clearance. said...

you do waaaaaaaaaaaaay more in a day that is exciting then I do in a week!