Thursday, October 15, 2009

A very cool Halloween Package!

Yesterday evening the doorbell rang and there was a package! It was addressed to my owner, but me, Voodoo Bride and Easter Domo stuck around because you never know.

Wonderland Post?
Aha! That can only be a package from Eve.

And it's also for me!

It was indeed a package from Eve, full of cool Halloween presents and this very beautiful Halloween card!

Here's an overview of most of what was in the package: halloween marshmallows, Bloody Mary Mascara (which had Voodoo Bride drooling over it), lots of really cool Skelanimal goodies, like candy and a cool tin, a hippo stamp, a very beautiful necklace with matching earrings, a pencilcase and lots of cool postcards. Eve: you really spoilt us!

One of my favourites was this Skelanimal Bat Photoframe. it's so cool, I think it doesn't even need a picture to be put in it.

Another realy cool Skelanimal thing was this. It looks like a small purse or something at first sight, but.....

When you open it it folds out into this really big and cool bag. That one went right into my owner's bag as she often has complained she has too little space in her bag when out shopping. Now she'll always have an extra bag without it taking up too much space.

A close up of some of the candy! There were also little hearts, but Voodoo Bride ran off with those.

And saving the best for last:
Eve also send one of her pieces of art, this really pretty mirror that we absolutely love!

I can't believe Eve not only remembered that my owner and me love this mirror, but that she actually parted with it and send it to us!

Thank you for this really cool package Eve, we love everything in it!!


Hammie en Gea said...

You two are so lucky! What a great package! It's fun to see all the halloween things, (on Eve's blog too)! When we came back home today we had a little letter form the post saying they had a package for us too, but because we weren't at home we'll have to wait until tomorow... I agree with you that the pictureframe doesn't need a picture in it, but it makes me curious how it will look with your picture in it Sullivan;-)...

All Hallows Eve said...

HI Sullivan & Carien- I'm so glad you liked everything. Yay!!! And I don't mind parting with my art at all...especially if I know it's going to someone who a) really likes it & b) will appreciate it. ;) Plus, I just love to share my art in general. ^_^

The bag is COOL! I have one myself. Wasn't sure if you'd be ok with the spider, since I know you said that was not one of your fav Skelanimals (do spiders really have bones anyways!??!)...but SEE, Timmy the Spider is not so scary afterall is he? Hee hee.

Your post was so sweet and again, so glad you liked everything. And I don't know if I sent you PEEPS before but yup when I say PEEPS I do mean PEOPLE and not actually sugary candy. LOL.

Take care & enjoy the rest of your week~
Your friend, Eve, XoX

The Queen of Clearance. said...

oh man! She totally spoiled you! She is tooooo nice! I want one of those bags that fold open...i think it looks like it is from target...i might have to check it out!

Irish Chick Soup said...

Wow what a great present. That mirror is beautiful.

Found art blog said...

What a fabulous box of Goodies!! I love boxes like those!

Cindy said...

very cute stuff! :D

Sullivan McPig said...

@Eve: the spider is indeed not so scary, I wish all spiders were like that.
And you did send something else from Peeps before. (btw: those marshmallows were delicious!)