Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My trip to Normandy - Day 6, part 2 - Games and Fireworks

After our walk we relaxed a bit and sat in the sun, looking at all the jeeps riding around.

I slowed the speed of the video, so you can see the jeeps better.

Then we got out the booze!

Time for games: we played Yahtzee.

I even got a Yahtzee of sixes!
It was fun.

When it was dark we walked to Omaha Beach, because there was a fireworks show. They had fireworks all along the coast!

It was very beautiful and impressive!

Coming next: Another Sunny Walk + Beer


Demented Wench said...

There were a lot of jeeps. It looks like you had a good time. :)

Aurian said...

Did you win at the games? I love the fireworks!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Beautiful fireworks!!