Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My trip to Normandy - Day 2, part 2

Any weird colors in today's pictures are because it was a grey, slightly overcast day. I had to change the setting of the pictures to make them less dark and grey.

There were more Jeeps parked close to the beach.
And there were tons of other Jeeps and army vehicles driving around everywhere as well. How cool!

It was high tide, so the sea was very close to the boardwalk.

There was still enough room to go for a walk on the beach though.

We walked for a long time and then we spotted a walkway that was build into the sea.

When trying to get to that walkway we found the remains of a bunker.

I'm glad the traffic signs in France are the same as in the Netherlands, because I only understood some words of that sign.

We're still on Omaha Beach!
Omaha Beach is a very large and long beach it turned out.

Coming next: Canons and more


Aurian said...

Lovely! I hope you spend a lot of time on the beach in good weather too!

Melliane said...

I love the beaches there!