Thursday, June 12, 2014

My trip to Normandy - Day 2, part 3

We managed to reach the walkway that was build into the sea, and we had a look at our surroundings from there.

After that we went on our way again.
Hmm... There's something to do with an issue I think. I wonder what kind of issue.

I wouldn't mind living in a house like that.

We found another WWII museum and had a look around outside.

This looked like a kind of clock.

Wow! It had seen some heavy fighting. It wasn't a clock, but some kind of lookout post.

A very old truck.

I discovered a small canon, hidden in the bushes.

A really big canon. It was used to shoot at planes I think.

And a smaller one.

After the museum we went on our way back towards the house. We saw some beautiful flowers.

And we found an old church.

There was a memorial sign for both victims of WWI & WWII.

Next to the church was a small graveyard as well.

Walking on I spotted this house that was for sale. If only I was a very rich pig.

Coming next: Another church

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Aurian said...

Lovely pictures again, and yes, being rich and living in a mansion like that would be heavenly. Imagine all the room for your books ...