Monday, June 23, 2014

Mail Interlude

Before continuing my tales about my trip to Normandy, here's some of the awesome mail I received lately.

Laura and Sparky sent me a new friend!

Beanie sent me a cool key ring with a trolley token.

I received a package full of books from Jeffe.
She managed to snag me some signed books, and even some ARCs at RT2014. She also sent some swag and a signed copy of her own book The Mark of The Tala.

I got three books from R. Jackson-Lawrence. I won these at the Armchair BEA event.

Jess Haines sent me an ARC of Enslaved by the Others.
She also included a cover-flat and a key ring.

The key ring had a small pair of cuffs on it. How cool!

Thanks everyone!


Jerry and Ben said...

So many cool little gifts! What a lucky pig you are Sullivan!

Jeffe Kennedy said...


Aurian said...

You sure get awesome mail Sullivan!