Saturday, January 2, 2010

Greetings from Canada - a post by Cousin Moira

Hi Sullivan and everybody else! It's been some time since I let you all know how I'm doing here in Canada, so here's a bit of an update.

Here I am helping to make cabbage rolls - got the rice and bacon mixture all ready to go

Stuffing the cabbage leaves with the mixture

Little bundles of yummy I say!!

I helped put the tree up and then got to chat with this pretty angel

Can you see the snow coming down?? It is so much colder here than I am used to, but I do have the benefit of lots of snow!

I had a picnic one day with some friends and Princess

A package arrived in the mail - it said it was for my owner but she let me open it.
It turned out to be from Sullivan's owner.

Look at all the goodies!

Some dutch inspired items - how neat!

Yummmmm - some sprinkles for my toast!!
I have missed these as here in Canada its not the tradition to use the sprinkles that way and so therefore I usually only use PB, Jam or Cheez Whiz on my toast - honey sometimes too.


Found art blog said...

Oh YUMMY!! I love pick nicks!!

Marlowe said...

I think the presents look great! Chloe and Mom says that she is wearing a very nice dress!

Hammie en Gea said...

Hello Moira! Happy New Year! Nice post and nice package! Good idea to have a picnic inside!

Marie said...

Hello all!! Happy New Year to you as well! As soon as it warms up a bit here I will brave outside for some winter pictures for you!


Sullivan McPig said...

I get hungry just looking at those cabbage rolls. And we're glad your owner liked the package.