Saturday, January 9, 2010

One Year Blogoversary!!!

Today it's one year ago that I made my first blogpost!
So time for a small celebration with chocolate and other yummie stuff was in order today.

So one year of blogging!
I really enjoyed myself with blogging and with my adventures this year.
So what are the highlights of this year?

The best thing about this year was meeting so many new friends of both the human and furry kind! Yes, I'm talking about you!!
Special thanks to the amazing friends who send me and my owner great cards and presents and stuff! You all know who you are!

Some other highlights for me were:
My trip to Schiermonnikoog
Meeting author Midas Dekkers

Well.... there are too many to list them all I can tell you.
For my next year of blogging I hope my owner will be able to take me on a trip to another country, but I'll just have to wait and see.

On to something else!

Lots of other bloggers celebrate their blogoversaries with a giveaway.
Now I do like the idea to give one of my loyal followers a little something, but as I wouldn't want people to start following my blog just because they can get free stuff I'm keeping my blogoversary giveaway small.

I wish I was a rich pig so I could give all of my followers something, but as I'm not and my owner isn't rich enough to pay for so many gifts either, this is what I have to give away to one of you:

It's a keyring with three charms, including a teadrinking McPig!

If you want a chance to win this keyring thingie, leave a comment in which you explain what you love about pigs.
(And nobody try to be funny and tell me they love the taste of pork or something simular.)

If you don't know anything to tell me about pigs and their lovable qualities, you can also tell me which highlight you think I left out.

I'll randomly pick a winner next weekend (january 16th or 17th).

Which leaves me with thanking all of you for following my blog, for your kind comments and for your friendship!
I hope I'll be able to share my live and travels with you for a long time to come!


Hammie en Gea said...

Yeah!!!!!! ONE YEAR!!!! CONGRATULATIONS SULLIVAN! I'm so happy that we became friends last year. I'm not going to tell you that you left something out of your story because I think you show us a lot! And we love pigs because they are beautiful and intelligent animals (that's one of the reasons that G. doesn't eat meat!) But we specialy like YOU (of all pigs!) because you are our friend and we hope that we'll be able to be following your blog for a long time to come! And perhaps one day this year when we go to Groningen or when we do the next part of the Pieterpad we'll meet eachother! That would be great! Thanks for making us looking forward to start the computer every day because we are curious every day to see what you've been doing! BIG HUG for you and your owner from G. and me! LOVE, Hammie :-)!!! Have a nice blogoversary and enjoy your special weekend!

Marlowe said...

I think that it is mighty cool that you've made it to your first blog anniversary-- especially with all the posts you made.

We like farm animals around here-- we want to keep a hobby farm when Mom gets to have her own house. We were not so sure that we wanted to keep pigs, but then we read a book called A Good Good Pig by a lady named Syd Montgomery-- it is about her pet pig and how much she loves him! So we want to keep pigs-- probably a smaller pig-- because they're such personable creatures!

Found art blog said...

Piggies are wonderful animals just because. And Happy Bloggoversary!! Andrea says we used to have a children's TV programme (when she was a child a long time ago) called Pinky and Perky, and they were two Pigs. I guess Pigs must be very special to have their own TV programme!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sullivan! Happy Blogoversary to you!!! So exciting...whoah it has felt like I've been following your travels for a while. But that's a great thing! ;)

Hm...I do love Piggies. Though I don't have the opportunity to be around them often. But I have always loved piggies in films, cartoons, plush toys, or other random pig stuff. Pigs are just so cute & sweet looking.

One of my fave cartoon shows of all-time is Tokyo Pig. I don't think it lasted very long though. :( His name was Sunny Pig and he was oh-so-cute. And then there's Ham from Toy Story and other cute piggies out there too.

I don't know how someone can't think a PIGGY is cute. They just like to play around and jump in the mud/dirt and don't have a care in the world. Awwww. Piggies will always have a special place in my heart.

And getting to know you (Sullivan) more has made me always look at pig stuff (at stores, etc...) differently. I think of YOU first of course. Which you probably know from my many cellphone pics's weird how I almost always find something with a PIG on it while out & about.

All in all, pigs make me smile and I think that's the real reason I HEART them so much! Hope you keep on blogging Sullivan because I really enjoy seeing your travels/adventures and the beautiful photos Carien takes.

XoX Always~Eve

The Queen of Clearance. said...

Happy Anniversary! It seems to be everyones anniversary this month! I love pigs tons. But What I love about the most little pig is that you are so adventurous! You do more in a day then I do sometimes in a week!Have you seen my childrens book I wrote on my facebook about pigs...I think you might have but if not you should check it out! lol. I agree with you about people being your follower just for a giveaway...I use to like that but now I think not. I am having a giveaway for a friend that helps run a company later this week and one of the entries will not be for following my blog! I only want people to follow me now because they want to, not because of the giveaways I sometimes hold! Your a waaaay smarter pig for coming to that conclusion so much faster than me!

Found art blog said...

Oh, and Andrea says there's a restaurant in Paris named after pigs!! It's called Au Pied du Cochon and it's a seafood restaurant. (It means "The Pigs Trotters" in english!!!) I guess Pigs Are Very Special!!

Sullivan McPig said...

Thanks everyone for the kind comments and the great stories about pigs

Found art blog said...

Andrea just told me that at the Paris Piggie restaurant, when you order a pudding, it comes with a marzipan Pig!!!

Karen said...

I sincerely thought you'd been blogging for years! That's how much reading your blog became part of my daily routine. Congratulations (and already on your birthday too which, I believe, is today...)