Friday, January 29, 2010

A slow week

Not much happened this week that I could tell you about, but today we finally did something besides working and reading. We went into town after work and looked for movies! Unfortunately we couldn't find anything to our taste,so tonight we'll be watching one of the movies we already own.
Tomorrow's plans sound promising: we're going to do something called 'Hotpotting'.


Hammie en Gea said...

I thought we would have seen one of the movies of the moviebox we have now but Harr and G. were to busy at the beginning of the week and both have a cold these last days of the week, so they didn't feel like watching a movie, perhaps this weekend. G. promissed me that we are going to watch the last episodes of the Zevensprong this weekend, I hope we'll do that! Some movies are so nice that you don't mind to see them more then once!

Marlowe said...

My mom watches movies over and over again-- mostly children's movies! But she will watch Cars over and over again, and since that's my favorite movie, I don't mind too much!