Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Card and lots of Candy

There was another card for me in the mail today!
It was a blogoversary card from Eve and she also send me a really cool pig-button.
Thank you Eve! They're beautiful.

And what's this?!
A package that we began to fear got lost, wasn't lost afterall and arrived today!

It was the Christmas presents that Marie and my cousin Moira send to us. It took almost a month and a half to get here and was filled with yummy things and there was even a voodoo doll in there. She will feel right at home here with all the other voodoo dolls I'm sure.

When Schmorg smelled the chocolate he came running over and I had to fend him off.

But as soon as I turned my back he ran off with some of the chocolate.

And Angus also came to see what was in the package and ran off with the coffee!

So I decided to find a way to defend the rest of the goodies...

And I build a fort!

Hmmm.... Is that new voodoo doll trying to help me or trying to break down the fort?

But in the end the Friendship Survival Kit reminded us that being friends is about sharing and we stopped our fighting over the candy.

And we had a fun time playing with the candy together.

Marie and Moira: Thank you for the great package!
We love it and we're glad to have you as a friend and in the case of Moira as family.


Hammie en Gea said...

WOW! Great present! VERY YUMMIE!! And there was a lot so it's easy to share! The idea of building a fort is a very good idea! We are very happy that you ended the "food-fight" with palying together! It took a long time to arrive but better late then never!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Congratshewlayshuns on yor blogaversary!
That is a lot ov candy an sweety stuff! No wunder yu had enuff to mayke a fort! It looks like yu had fun.

Yu er....... yu collekt voodoo dolls???? Erm.... gulp...

Marlowe said...

What an assortment of chocolate!? Those are some great presents.

I like your little voodoo doll. Mom bought one similar one for her friend, but it was the devil.

Marie said...

YEA!!! You finally got it!! I was starting to get so worried that it was lost!! I hope you enjoy everything inside as they are a few of the things Moira has grown to love here...and I wanted to send things to you that you may not have tried before.
The coffee is known as Timmie's here and apparently it is very addictive and very good - I am personally a tea drinker but Moira assures me it lives up to its status.

Found art blog said...

FOOD FIGHT!! How brilliantly fun!!

Sullivan McPig said...

@Marie: sofar everything we tasted tastes good!
Thanks once again