Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Trip to the Hunebed Museum - part 2

In the gift shop of the museum I saw these mammoths and had a chat with them.

Then we went outside to have a look at the replica houses. I think this one is from the stone age, but I could be mistaken.

It was a very nice, sunny day, so we enjoyed walking around in the park.

Inside the houses were decorated with things the hunebed builders might have had in their homes, like a nice fireplace for example.

And flax which they used to make linen for clothes.

It was dark in the houses, I think they could use some windows, but they didn't have glass yet, so that would be a bit cold in winter.

In the Iron Age house they had wool that was colored with dye made from plants.

This house had a window, but still no glass.

I think this is a Spieker, to store food.

Another relaxing stone.

Here they had some experimental stuff going on with weird statue thingies.

I spotted a small temple in the distance.

It was next to water.
What a nice spot.

After a fun afternoon we left in search of a nice place to have dinner.

We didn't leave alone:
These friendly Stegosauri decided to come with us.

What a fun day!


miki said...

could it be a saber tooth tiger that i spot being the mammoths plushes? Your new friends are cute and it looks like a wonderful place to visit! glad you had fun

Sullivan McPig said...

It is! A really big one.

Jerry and Ben said...

Great adventure!