Monday, July 10, 2017

A Trip to The Hunebed Museum - part 1

Last week we visited the Hunebed museum again!

It's a museum about dolmen and the people who built them.

At the entrance there were lots of different stones.
This one made a nice seat.

It was a warm, sunny day and we had traveled for a while, so we started our visit with a nice cold drink and a yummy donut.

In the museum there was lots of interesting stuff to see.
This is how they think the builders of the hunebedden/dolmen might look.

I think this one is a wizard!

There was an unfriendly wolf defending his recent kill.

And a friendly relative.

This is what the land might have looked like back then.

They made a replica hunebed.

There were lots of stones that might have been used for the hunebedden or other stuff the builders needed.

I think this was a mini hunebed for just one person.

There was a computer game where you could try to build your own hunebed, but the little guy who should be helping you was a bit of a jerk and hid the shovel at first. Finally we managed to build a hunebed though.

Here you could try to see if you were strong enough to move a hunebed stone.

Inside the replica hunebed.

I think this builder lady was mourning the dead who were buried in the hunebedden.

There were lots of pots that were found inside the dolmen.

I think they found this inside a hunebed as well.

I almost feel like I'm really at Stonehenge.

Coming next: mammoths, sun and new friends

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