Saturday, July 15, 2017

A Trip to the Efteling

Last Tuesday we went on a trip!

We went to something called the Efteling.
It's a theme park about fairy tales. And it has all kinds of roller coasters and other rides as well.

First we visited Fairy Tale Forest.
This is the fish from Pinocchio I think. He looks very fierce.

This seagull looked like he wanted to steal someone's snack.

Next I spotted a guy with a really long neck.
He's one of the servants from the fairy tale The Six Servants.

There was a sign next to him that said you had to leave your trash there, because otherwise he'd get angry. I think I might have made him angry, because I left my trash in a garbage bin instead of leaving it on the ground by that sign.

A mysterious castle in a forest.

The guard was taking a nap.

It was Sleeping Beauty's castle!
No wonder that the guard was sleeping as well.

I spotted a witch on a gate.

This is the emperor from the fairy tale, The Nightingale.

A fakir flying on a magic carpet.

I heard loud snoring and when I investigated I spotted this giant!

And I spotted another giant!
This one was awake, but he was friendlier than his grumpy expression would make you believe.

Inside the building he was guarding there were waterlilies.

They opened and had dancing faeries inside!
I'm really liking this fairy tale forest.

A frog fountain.

There was a donkey in the middle of a square.
My owner gave me 50 cents, to give to the donkey. He lifted his tail and pooped out a special Efteling coin!

Here it is: front and back view.

We also saw Frau Holle shaking her pillow to make it snow.

Yum! A big pudding.

Wait a minute...
A gingerbread house...
I know who lives there! Better leave that pudding alone.

Coming next: More fairy tales, dragons and rides.


Beanie Mouse said...

A donkey that poo-s money out!!??!?! I bet Bob would like that donkey!!!

miki said...

i never went there so i'm fully enjoy this photo trip thank you for sharing