Sunday, July 16, 2017

A Trip to the Efteling - part 2

After I fled from the witch's house, I saw a family of goats.

And a dragon!


Another castle!
There was a sign that said you might get dizzy if you went inside the castle, so I didn't dare go inside.

We did go on a boat ride and saw a mythical city in Fata Morgana.

We also went to a spooky castle, but it was too dark to take pictures. There were dancing ghosts and zombies!

Next we went in search of a cool roller coaster.

Found it!

There was another dragon next to the roller coaster.

Isn't he cool?!

After the roller coaster we took a drive in an Old Timer.

I spotted a really big bird.

And a chicken that is said to lay golden eggs.
We didn't have a coin anymore to get an egg though.

Water fountain geese.

We went on a ride that was called Dream Flight.
I couldn't take pictures, but we saw fairies and magical cities.

We were getting hungry, so we got french fries and other yummy food.

An Octopus restaurant?

They had pasta and bread in the restaurant, so I was glad we ate somewhere where they had french fries instead.

We did have a look inside.

These jellyfish lamps are awesome!

It was getting late and we had a long journey ahead of us to get home, so finally we said goodbye to the Efteling.

What a fun day.
I hope we go again sometime.


Beanie Mouse said...

Oh wow!!! I want to go there! I'd really like to meet the poo-ing donkey and get a golden egg!!!

miki said...

Oh so interesting, did teh first dragon move? from teh picture looks like it. i would have prefered the first restaurant too. One day perhaps but i do hope you get to go again and see all what you missed this round