Thursday, January 19, 2017

Schiermonnikoog - Day 2 - Part 2

After visiting the lighthouse we walked to the beach.
At this point it is a very large beach with lots of plants and mud. We decided to walk a bit further along the beach to reach a part where we could reach the sea without trotting through the mud.

There were clouds coming closer.

But mostly it was still nice and sunny.

The road along the beach was flooded, so we had to walk on higher ground.

Dune spam.

Finally we reached the sea.
This is part of the beach pavilion. They remove the pavilion in winter, but let the platform stand to weather the sea.

There was a stiff breeze and I was just enjoying the sea air when a big hailstorm broke out.
Time to retreat.

We made our way back to the hotel and after a while the hail stopped.

We had gotten cold so at the hotel we warmed up with a mug of hot chocolate and Amaretto.

We spent the rest of afternoon relaxing and reading.
In the evening we had dinner and I got to sit near the fireplace.


It was a really fun day,

Coming next: a walk to the bunker.

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