Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Birthday Trip to Schiermonnikoog

Last Friday we left for a birthday trip!

We went to our favorite island: Schiermonnikoog.
We took a train, a bus, then a boat, and then another bus to get to the hotel where we were staying. It was a very rainy day.

At the end of the afternoon we reached the hotel.
We had a room with a view on the water tower again. How cool!

There was a bottle of wine waiting for us, and the attendant acted like it was normal, but we never got a bottle of wine without asking for it before. We finally discovered a message on the back of the card: it was a birthday present from friends who secretly arranged it with the hotel!

Thanks J&D!

We were a bit tired of all the traveling, so we rested for a bit.

Then we had a very yummy dinner.

It was too dark and rainy for a walk after dinner, so I had to wait until the next day to explore the island.

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