Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Schiermonnikoog - Day 2 - Part 1

Saturday morning the sky looked clear.

There was a chance of rain, but we decided to go on a walk anyway.

The water tower in all its glory.

We decided to walk to the lighthouse.

I spotted this sig.
Black Dunes Path. Sounds mysterious.

So of course we had to make a detour and walk along Black Dunes Path. We finally reached a crossroads. One road was leading to other parts of the island, the other had a sign that it was a dead end. However tempting the dead end path looked, we decided to double back to get to the lighthouse.

I saw this cool sign that tells you that dogs can walk free.

Back on track!

It was a really beautiful walk.

The lighthouse!

And look: there's the sea.

I had to go explore a little further of course.

Coming up next: more Schiermonnikoog picture spam.


RodeEgel said...

Lovely adventure, and no rain!

Jerry and Ben said...

Love the hat!!!