Saturday, January 21, 2017

Schiermonnikoog - Day 3 - Part 2

I had a great time at the beach.

Even though the weather was really nice it was almost deserted.

We reached the sea!

After a while on the beach we made our way to the restaurant in the dunes and had something to drink. My owner forgot to take a picture though.

Next we took a different route back to the village.

I love this route: forest on one side, dunes on the other.

When we reached the village we walked a little bit further so we could visit the lighthouse again.

Almost back at the hotel.

At the hotel it was time for another hot chocolate with Amaretto

Next we went to our room and relaxed.
I watched the beautiful sunset.

In the evening we had dinner in the restaurant of the hotel again.

Ice cream!

Coming next: more exploring

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