Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Food and a Long Train Ride

Last Wednesday we went on a long train ride. My owner told me to pack my passport.

First we had to get a train to Amersfoort where we were supposed to catch another train, but there had been an accident, and there weren't any trains going from Groningen to Amersfoort. So we had to detour to a town called Deventer. It turned out that the train we had to catch was also stopping in Deventer, so we decided to stop trying to get to Amersfoort and just board the train in Deventer.

We had an hour and a half before the train would arrive, so we had some time to kill.

We went to get ice tea, apple pie and ice cream!

We caught our train and after some trouble with getting a seat (we had reservations, but other people took our seats and didn't want to move!) we could settle in for a long ride. I brought a book and a travel diary.

A German train!
Finally my owner told me where we were going: Berlin!
We've been there before and it was really cool.

We traveled for almost 6 hours from Deventer to Berlin.
When we arrived at the Central Station of Berlin we took a smaller train and a metro to get to our hotel.

I remember this hotel!
It's the same hotel we stayed in when we were in Berlin in 2012.

After checking out our room, we went to the bar for a drink, to celebrate the start of our vacation.

Next we went to the hotel restaurant.

I got baked potatoes!

We were tired from the long day of traveling, so after dinner we went back to our room. The next day we would start exploring Berlin!


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

I'm drooling already...

miki said...

^^ what a beginning for your holidays^^

Aurian said...

That sounds like a great start Sullivan, but I wonder about the rude people in the train, did they have other seats booked themselves?

Hammie Hamster said...

I'd like to know the answer to Aurian's question too, did they move and gave you your seats?