Sunday, July 26, 2015

Berlin - Victory Column

After we had something to eat we went to Tiergarten to see the Siegessäule (Victory Column.)

I spotted this fish trailer on the way.

The Siegessäule was made in the late 19th century and commemorates the Prussian victory in a couple of wars.

It has a big golden angel on top.
I know this Column from the movie Der Himmel über Berlin, a beautiful movie by Wim Wenders. Some of you may know the US remake of this movie: City of Angels. Although that movie is't as beautiful as Der Himmel über Berlin in my opinion.

It was cool to see the Siegessäule for real.

There was a tunnel to get even closer to the Column, but our feet were tired after a long day of sight seeing, so we settled for just looking at the Siegessäule from a distance.

On our way back to the metro I spotted this sign.
It says: No grills allowed!
Someone wrote a response that says: Do the grills know this?
The funny thing about it is that the German word grillen also can mean grasshoppers, so the person who wrote the response was referring to the grasshoppers, of which there are a lot in Tiergarten.

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miki said...

instructive post and funny as well, thanks!!!

Hammie Hamster said...

Hahaha that grillen verboten is very funny!